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  1. What Is BehindMLM?
  2. Is BehindMLM Legit?
  3. How To Remove BehindMLM Posts
  4. Summary

What Is BehindMLM? is a website that purports to share the latest MLM news and reviews.

The site was launched in 2010 and appears to be owned by Klaus Bardenhagen, according to Business For Home.

It’s hard to know how whether you can trust the 43,000+ business reviews posted to BehindMLM, as most of them appear to be negative.

While the site does garner considerable traffic each month, it appears to be making money in three ways:

  1. Ads that appear all over the site
  2. Paid removal of negative content
  3. Donations

If you or your business have been written up and published to BehindMLM, we can get it removed for you permanently.

Is BehindMLM Legit?

This is a great question.

As mentioned above, most of the content published to the site seems to be negative leaning.

All seven of the latest posts to the site as of January 2024 have titles which are negative.

is behindmlm legit - biased reviews

Going a bit deeper into the content within the site, it sure looks like there is a strong bias toward negative news.

I took a random sampling of 10 different articles and here are the titles:

    1. MLM crypto scammer Nicholas Coppola arrested in Italy
    2. Validus securities fraud warning from Dubai
    3. ShareTheWinnings Review: Jeremy Duncan’s 4th pyramid
    4. iX Global top earner Viraj Patil arrested in India
    5. AntUSDT Ponzi scheme collapses, withdrawals disabled
    6. Baccarat Staking collapses, Baccarat Academy reboot?
    7. Pink Zebra Review: Sprinkle fragrances
    8. 18K Ronaldinho Ponzi collapses, investors sue
    9. Amsys withdrawal delays, excuses & regulatory lies
    10. BizzTrade adds crypto fraud with BizzCoin

The highlighted words above from each of the titles are what I consider to be “click-bait.”

The titles sure seem to prey on the dark curiousity of readers.

A further look at the number of times these negative words appear in titles of BehindMLM articles is revealed by entering this string into Google: intitle:scheme (or the negative word)

Look at how many articles contain each of these click-compelling buzz words in their title, as of January 2024:

  • arrest – in the title of 59 pages
  • collapse – 52 pages
  • fraud – 818 pages
  • lie – 7 pages
  • pyramid – 397 pages
  • review – 3640 pages
  • scam – 243 pages
  • scheme – 850 pages

To me, it’s clear that this is a website that is relying on nefarious click-bait tactics to get people to visit their site.

A large percentage of articles are “outing” this person or accusing a business of some wrongdoing.

Right or wrong, who knows – but this is a website that relies heavily on negative opinions.

To me, is definitely not “legit.”

How To Remove BehindMLM Posts

We always recommend that you try to get bad content removed yourself first.

However, the site owners have been unresponsive in our attempts to reach them directly.

Luckily, we have an ironclad way to remove any and all negative posts from BehindMLM.

You can check out the video below to learn more.

Our Removal Method

One of the specialists we work with has a connection to the owner of BehindMLM and that is how we’re able to get content taken down.

The method is guaranteed and takes about two weeks.

The removal is permanent; once the content is deleted, it is gone forever.

So, to recap how to remove negative articles from BehindMLM, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the contact form at
  2. Provide your contact info along with the link to the BehindMLM article you want removed.
  3. We’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days with a quote.


If you’ve been victimized by a negative article on, we can get it removed for you.

Our process is fast, affordable, and guaranteed.

Although this website appears to be full of click-bait articles of low quality, there’s no reason to allow your business’s online reputation to be hurt by it.

Contact us today for a quote and should you decide to move forward, the BehindMLM article will be a thing of the past.