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CaseMine Removal

CaseMine removal is 100% possible by you if your record is sealed.

If your case is unsealed, you’ll need our help to remove it.

You don’t have to be stuck with years old legal records muddying up your online reputation.

Contact us for a quote or follow the “How To” advice below and have CaseMine records deleted within 2 weeks.

  1. CaseMine Review
  2. How To Remove CaseMine Court Records Yourself
  3. How We Remove Unsealed CaseMine Records For You
  4. Get CaseMine Removed

CaseMine Review

What sets CaseMine apart from other court record websites is it’s GPT-Powered AI assistant integration.

Nicknamed, “AMICUS,” this powerful artificial intelligence brings accurate legal knowledge right to your fingertips, in the same way that Chat-GPT brings general knowledge from the web.

According to a video on the site’s home page, the AI feature helps attorneys with strategy and backs up it’s recommendations with sources.

Even though CaseMine is owned by an Indian, their case records are not limited just to India. You’ll also find thousands of USA and UK court records indexed on the site, too.

How To Remove CaseMine Court Records Yourself

Sealed Or Unexpunged Records

If you’ve been able to get your court case sealed or expunged, then you can get your record completely removed from CaseMine yourself.

I emailed Casemine technical support at and they confirmed that they will quickly remove sealed records from their website, once you contact them.

How You Can Remove Sealed Records From CaseMine

Email and provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The CaseMine link/links for the specific judgment
  3. Your relationship to the case
  4. The reason why you want the case to be removed from external search engines

Their support team assured me that complete removal will be done within 7 business days.

Of course, some people would still prefer to have us help them and we can do that for an affordable fee.

In some cases, removal of CaseMine court records is a subset of your larger online reputation management campaign, so we would handle removal of your CaseMine records as part of the scope of your wider campaign.

Unsealed Records

Most court records are going to be unsealed, which means it’s more difficult to get them removed from public court record databases like CaseMine.

However, if emailing back and forth with their support team, I was informed that there is a possibility that they remove your case from Google search in certain instances.

I pressed them hard to find out what types of cases they consider for removal, but they would not tell me.

Here is there response to my question about what they would and would not consider for removal:

“The editorial and legal teams assess the implications of the judgment and its sensitive subject matters such as divorce, child custody or harassment, etc. We will not be able to provide an exhaustive list as the subject matters vary in each case.”

So, while the criteria is undefined, it won’t cost you anything other than your time, to ask them to remove your unsealed record ffrom the site.

I’d recommend following the 4 steps above and for your reason, be clear about how the record is negatively effecting your life.

Be sincere and ask them to remove the record nicely.

The worst they can do is say no.

In that case, see below, as we can help you get anything removed from CaseMine.

How We Remove Unsealed CaseMine Records For You

Now, you know that you can handle removal of sealed records from CaseMine yourself, how do you get unsealed records removed?

This is where you will need our help.

We have a relationship with a contractor who guarantees removal of CaseMine records within 3-4 business days.

The whole process is painless, fast, and affordable.

We have multiple case studies, so we know the method works.

If you’ve been unable to get your record sealed or expunged, we can help you get it taken down from CaseMine.

Get CaseMine Removed

To summarize this post, you have two options for removing court records.

First if your case has been sealed or expunged, you can do it yourself, by following the exact steps described above.

But if your case has not been sealed, you can follow these steps to get your record removed:

  1. Contact us at Affordable Reputation Management
  2. Provide the link to the CaseMine record
  3. Get an affordable quote to remove the record within two weeks

I hope you’ve found this helpful and we can help you restore your online reputation.