City-Data Removal

We offer professional City Data removal of personal information.

The most common type of removal requests we get from clients is sex offender information, but we also receive requests from individuals who need help scrubbing their personal information from the web.

If you need help, please contact us for a confidential quote.

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  2. Why People Want To Be Removed From City-Data
  3. How To Opt-Out?
  4. Sex Offender Removal
  5. Can Affordable Reputation Management Remove City-Data Information?
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What is screenshot from is an online database providing statistics, forums, and information about cities across the United States.

Launched in 2003 and owned by Advameg, Inc., it serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking detailed data about various U.S. locations.

The site aggregates a vast array of data including demographics, real estate prices, crime rates, weather patterns, educational institution details, and employment trends.

This information is especially useful for people considering relocating, as it offers insights into neighborhood characteristics, cost of living, and quality of life in different areas.

City Data User Forums

In addition to statistical data, features active user forums where individuals can discuss local issues, share experiences, and seek advice about specific cities or neighborhoods.

These forums foster a community of users who exchange valuable firsthand knowledge and perspectives.

The site’s blend of hard data and user-generated content makes it a unique and practical tool for anyone researching U.S. cities for personal or professional reasons.

How Does City-Data Make Money?

A quick look at the Contact page makes it clear that the revenue source is advertising.

According to an online traffic estimator, the site receives 6.4M monthly visitors from search engines alone.

organic monthly traffic to city-data

As you browse the site, you can see all of the advertisers who support it.

Anytime you perform a search on City-Data, it takes you to a results page that looks similar to Google, with Sponsored listings at the top of page.

It’s pretty impressive.

Based on the volume of traffic at 10 million+ page views, Playwire estimates a site could be earning between $25,000 – $250,000 per month.

Why People Want To Be Removed From City-Data

By far, the main reason people who contact us want to be removed from is because they are listed as sex offenders.

This is similar to the requests we get to remove sex offender information from HomeFacts.

We remain neutral and don’t pass judgement on our clients, so if you have a sex offender page on this site, we’ll do our best to help you get removed and the service will be kept confidential.

If you’re listed on your state websites sex offender registry, there’s a good chance, since it is public information, that it will appear on City Data.

Other Reasons Why City-Data Removal Is Requested

City Data contains personal information from each of these categories, which you may want deleted permanently:

  • Property information – contains your full name, address, and assessed property values.
  • Restaurant infomation – contains restaurant name, address, last inspection date and both critical and total violations.
  • Building permits – contains your full name, address, contractor name, and estimated costs.

In each case, the desire for removal from is typically driven by a need to protect personal information, correct inaccuracies, enhance personal safety, or maintain a professional online reputation.

How To Opt-Out?

Wondering how to opt out? City Data allows you to opt out from the following:

  • Remove yourself from assessment data. Click this link to request to disassociate your name from it’s street level assessment address. Then follow the prompts and confirm your email to request removal. PS – I submitted a request on 1/18/24 to have my name removed. I confirmed via email and am waiting for confirmation. The reason for the request I provided was “Would like my personal name removed, thank you.” I’ll update this post with a timeline when I get notified.
  • Remove yourself from the user forum.¬†Click this link to remove your personal information from City-Data’s Forum. Before you get excited, this form is only to request deletion of your personal information from their forum and it appears to apply only to CA residents, where you can take advantage of the California consumer privacy act to get your forum information removed.

Sex Offender Removal

Unfortunately, the opt out listed above will not help you if you are a registered sex offender, unless you’ve been removed from the sex offender registry for your state.

If you HAVE been removed from the registry, you can contact City-Data, provide proof, and they will remove your information at no charge.

If you HAVE NOT been removed from the registry, you will need to contact us for a removal quote. Please see below for how to do that.

Can Affordable Reputation Management Remove City-Data Information?

Our success rate is not 100% for City Data removal and that’s the bad news.

Many factors go into whether or not we are successful and you can begin the process by contacting us for help.

The good news:


How accurate is City-Data?

Short answer: Yes, it’s accurate, but it might be old.

City-Data updates their information periodically. However, I looked at my street level assessment address information and noticed my neighbor, who moved three years ago, is still listed as the owner. Additionally, the last property assessed value listed for my house was over ten years old.

Also, prompts throughout the site allow businesses to add their own profile, events, and pictures. This is a great resource for users, but if these owners go out of business or the event ends, no one at City-Data is going to have time to fact check each and every piece of user-generated content on this website. There’s simply too much to monitor.

What are some City-Data alternatives?

I checked SEMRush and SimilarWeb and competitors include:


Who owns City-Data?

City Data is owned by Advameg, Inc.

Where does City-Data get its data?

City Data gets its data from public records databases that are available to anyone. Additionally, photos, forum messages, city facts, and business profiles are provided by visitors to the website.

Summary, rich in U.S. city statistics, often faces requests for removal of personal information due to privacy concerns.

The main reasons for removal requests include exposure as a sex offender, or publicizing sensitive data like property values and restaurant inspections.

While the site allows for some opt-outs, complete removal is challenging, especially for registered sex offenders.

If you’d like our help to get you removed from City-Data please complete the form on this page.

If we can’t remove it for you, we can suppress it to reduce its visibility in your personal search results.