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What Is

If you haven’t already noticed, is an extortionist, scam of a website that permits anyone to post anything they want about any individual or business without repercussion.

As of this writing on December 19, 2020, Google had indexed over 12,000 pages on the website – that’s a lot of complaints and reviews. number of indexed pages

And doing a quick scan of several pages of Google’s indexed search results, I could not find a single company or individual with a rating above 1.6 stars our of 5.

Why would anyone believe anything they read on this site? ratings

Even looking at the names of the people posting reviews, they seem to be made up names, perhaps they are fake posts made by the owners of Holysmoke or by someone in their employ.

When is the last time you met someone with a first name of PALMIRA, EMERITA, MEE, DONYA, MARIVEL, LEONTINE,CODI, MAN, DELOIS, or LUPE (twice)?

All of these ridiculous names appear as a 1 or 2 star reviews for the same company that has 50+ negative reviews on the site.

It doesn’t matter if the posts on the site are outright lies or have any truth to them, the site will publish it. It’s a complete bullshit, garbage website.

The problem is that not everyone knows this and some people actually believe what they read on Holysmoke.

And that can be a real problem if you’re in a relationship, trying to get a job, or trying to do business and someone Googles you and finds a post about you on

That’s why we launched our Affordable Reputation Management Company website in 2013 – to help clients just like you.

How Does Holysmoke Make Money?

Surprisingly, there are no ads on, which means they are only making money one of three ways:

  1. Review Arbitration
  2. Business Advocacy Program
  3. Post Removal

And as of this writing, the links that used to offer review arbitration ( and the business advocacy program ( both redirect to the home page.

This leaves Post Removal as the only way the site makes money.

And in order to get a link or post deleted from, you can contact us where you’ll receive the best possible removal price. Since we’re a small group with no overhead, we’re able to give you the best possible price on removal or suppression.

Who Owns

Just for the heck of it, i checked out the whois data for and sure enough, it is all anonymous. Not a surprise.

I mean, if you were running an extortion website, you wouldn’t want to be known either, right?

holysmoke whois data

In the image, you can see that the registrar for is Epik, Inc, with URL at You can check that out for yourself; it’s just the place where they probably first purchased the back on June 14, 1998.

For Registrant Contact information, it is listed as Anonymize, Inc. Google that and you’re led to, a service for keeping domain ownership identity private.

Keeping one’s website ownership identity private is nothing new, many people do it.

In the case of Holysmoke, though, it’s not a surprise that the people behind the site wish to remain anonymous.

How Easy Is It To Post On Holysmoke?

Well, it couldn’t get much easier to add a post to Holysmoke, just start by clicking the big blue button in the upper right hand corner.

holysmoke add review

After you click “Add Review,” you’ll be taken to a new page where you can fill out all the details of your complaint.

You can fill out all of the following fields, which are mostly mandatory:

  • Company (or individual’s) full name – this will wind up being the title of the post and if it is an exact match for the company or individual, might rank on page 1 of Google
  • Title of your complaint
  • Your review
  • Company’s contact information – this info is optional and includes address, city, state, phone, and website
  • Email address of your review subject – this is a clever way of alerting the subject that someone has reported them to Holysmoke and I’m guessing might be a way for them to directly make money by offering to delete the post, but I’ll need to test that out
  • Images
  • Your name and email – or conveniently, you can hide and post anonymously, which most people do

Lastly, you check the box to agree to’s terms of service, which is also a joke, if you care to actually review them.

The reason I say the terms of service are a joke is because they cannot possibly enforce the use of their website.

Take a look at prohitibed use #1 below.

holysmoke tos

You can tell somebody “Hey, don’t post any lies on our website,” but if no one is enforcing that, it holds no weight.

As I mentioned above, I can’t see why any consumer, HR manager or business person would believe a single thing written on, but it’s hard to know what people think.

And since the internet is still very much like the wild, wild West, you can get away with posting whatever you want.

It remains to be seen whether the site would actually stand behind and enforce it’s other prohibited uses including:

  • nudity or pornographic images
  • threats of violence or harm
  • hate speech

My bet is you could probably get away with it. Sad.

But I digress, once you check the box to acknowledge their terms and click “Submit Your Review,” the post will usually wind up live on the website within 24 hours.

Proof That Consumers Can’t Delete Posts

If you’ve read this far, you might think some of my claims are a bit harsh.

Maybe you think the site actually does have editorial review of the claims that users submit to it.

But they don’t.

I know because I posted a claim myself just to test it out.

I made up a fake story about a fake person and posted it to the site. When you Google the fake person’s name, it is showing up 4th in search results, right after the fake LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles. (I use this fake profile to gather information, so I can write more informed posts for you).

holysmoke ranking in google

Then I sent an email to the website asking how to remove the post. I received an email back stating that: does NOT REMOVE any Review or Comment posted on the platform

and that my options were to:

File a Rebuttal (by posting a comment on the post itself)

This is the LAST THING you want to do. Posting a comment on the post only adds length to the original article and also signals to Google that the web page is relevant because it has been updated.

So, even though “setting the record straight” might feel good, adding your feelings to an existing post will only make it stronger and improve its ranking in Google.

The next option I was given as to:

Seek Legal Counsel (to file a lawsuit against the user)

Are you kidding me? Lawyers charge huge fees with no guarantees that you’ll get a result.

And even though HolySmoke promises to assist in the legal process, that doesn’t mean they will remove your post, even if you win a judgement against the poster.

You also risk further negative links being posted about you if the press or other gossip websites find out about it.

Lastly, the final options offered are the ones discussed above in the “How Does Holysmoke Make Money?” section.

Seek arbitration or sign up for business advocacy program (both paid options currently not available through the website)

It’s been several months since we submitted the fake post about the fake person. It was published within a day and still remains on the site as of this writing.


Hopefully, there’s no information about you or your business on, but if there is, we’re the most affordable option for deleting it.

And if deleting the link is out of your budget, our suppression campaigns can effectively push it down so you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

We look forward to helping you clean up your online reputation by removing for you.