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  1. What is Gripeo?
  2. Online Reputation Problems
  3. Gripeo Removal Process
  4. Can I Remove Gripeo Myself?
  5. Summary

What Is Gripeo? was originally registered as a website on August 16, 2012, according to WhoIs.

The site claims to be a place to find honest, in-depth, accurate and unbiased reviews, as evidenced by the header on it’s home page in 2022.

gripeo website tagline

But the problem with the site is there is no monitoring or review of content that is posted to the site.

So, while the website claims to provide honest reviews, there is no one fact-checking submitted content to ensure that it’s factually correct.

Which leaves me to believe Gripeo is no more than a place for people to give their opinions and air their dirty laundry.

For me, it’s in the same class as other trashy websites like Ripoff Report and The Dirty, because without editorial review, you’re on your own as to what to believe.

There might be some actual useful content on the site, but you’ll have to judge for yourself.

Some of the posts we’ve seen point out scams being run by overseas vendors and other predatory businesses that seek to steal your money.

Posts like these which are true have value – just beware of what you read – there is no one verifying that any of the information posted there is true or not.

Online Reputation Problems

Whether the content on is true or not is up to the reader.

The problem for individuals and business owners is whether the articles are true or not, they cause problems for your online reputation.

The last thing you want to have to do is answer questions about a story you’re featured in that doesn’t cast you in a positive light.

You’ll have two options to deal with the article if you don’t want people to see it.

One thing you can do is get it removed.

Removal is great because the article is deleted from the site and will never again appear in Google search results.

Below, I’ll describe our removal process.

The second option is to push down the article and we describe a lot of the strategies we use for suppression on our home page.

Suppression is a good option for folks who can’t afford removal or those who want to insulate themselves against attacks on other websites.

Gripeo Removal Process

Fortunately, getting negative content removed from Gripeo is pretty straightforward.

  1. Fill out our contact form
  2. Include the link to your negative article
  3. We’ll get you an affordable quote

You only pay after you’ve confirmed the unwanted link has been deleted. The service is fully guaranteed.

Check out our video interview below to learn more about our process.

Can I Remove Gripeo Myself?

Certainly, you can try contacting the website directly.

They have a Contact Us option in their footer.

In our experience, however, they will not respond or they will not remove the article.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

It won’t cost you anything aside from your time.


We provide a fast, affordable solution for Gripeo removal – guaranteed.

If you’ve been written about on the site, you don’t have to suffer.

Allow us to help you clean up your online reputation quickly.

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