Scam Adviser Removal/Suppression claims to make the internet a safer place by pulling data on potential scams from a variety of sources, but their algorithm is really great at finding false positives. If your business is being adversely affected by, we can remove your company from their database or push it down the page of search results, so that nobody can see it. Fill out our convenient form for a fast, free quote!

What Is

scamadvisor is a free service helping consumers verify that e-commerce sites are trustworthy. Many other services provide similar information, including Google, Norton Antivirus, and McAfee. These other platforms rely on viruses, malware, and community consensus to determine untrustworthy sites, making false positives relatively uncommon. However, incorporates a lot of other information into its algorithm.

For example, let’s say that your company does a lot of business in the U.K. but is based elsewhere. You might want a “” domain name to appeal to your British market, but will label you as untrustworthy because your geographic base and domain name don’t match. That’s not right!

How Does Make Money?

ScamAdviser’s FAQ section emphasizes that they’re not for profit. They rely on a few ads and donations from the people they’ve helped to stay in business. If a company says it’s not for profit 10 times while simultaneously not revealing what its founders actually do for a living, you can bet that they have a financial stake in getting as much traffic as possible.

This is probably why they label so many honest business sites “scams.” Consumers are far more likely to thank them financially (either through a donation or repeat visits) for a positive result than a negative one, so the site uses an algorithm yielding positive results at the expense of the truth.

How Can I Remove My Profile From has a procedure in place allowing legitimate businesses to challenge their questionable classifications. We can represent you in your dealings with the company, but it can be tough to get removed when acts as both judge and defendant. It may be necessary to bury your profile so that nobody sees it instead.

How Do You Do That?

Most internet users only look at the top three search results they see, and almost nobody leaves the first page. This means that if you can relegate your profile to the second page or below, it effectively no longer exists. We employ many strategies to get truthful, positive content to overtake in the rankings.

For example, we’ll purchase an exact match or partial match domain name. If your business is called Henry’s Hardware and Google can find a site called, that site is going to rank very highly. If a perfect match isn’t available, we’ll add something to it.

For instance, scholarships are a great way to generate positive PR. could be the official site of your new scholarship program. The URL includes your company’s name, so search engines will love it. You’ll also get a bunch of authoritative links from high-authority .edu sites, increasing your credibility.

Finally, the best way to hide negative reviews is with positive ones. Our expert strategies can get you the positive reviews needed on Google My Business, Yelp, and other business directories to completely bury’s lies.

Final Thoughts on ScamAdviser

If you have been victimized by fraudulent scam charges on, contact us today to regain control of your online reputation!