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Seeking Arrangement: A Critical Review Highlighting Actual Scams and Extortion

Online dating is a popular way to meet potential partners and high end platforms like Seeking Arrangement (now take it to a whole new level.

Promising connections between affluent men and those seeking financial support, the site stands out. But beneath the allure, there lurks a darker reality.

In this post, I’ll share the risks of scams and extortion that men have encountered on

We’re going to share some true stories from men who have had their lives turned upside down by bad actors running scams.

You’ll learn what the risks are and how to safeguard yourself from these hidden dangers.

  1. What Is
  2. Common Scams
  3. The Reality of Extortion on Seeking Arrangement
  4. Actual Stories
  5. Protecting Yourself: Tips and Best Practices
  6. The Bottom Line: Weighing The Risks
  7. FAQ

What Is website image is a platform that has revolutionized the concept of a dating website.

It connects people seeking mutually beneficial relationships.

The site stands out in the online dating world by offering a unique proposition: connecting well-to-do individuals with those looking for financial support.

At its core, Seeking Arrangement is a meeting ground for consent-based, transparent relationships where expectations and boundaries are clearly defined from the start.

Understanding the Platform

Founded in 2006, Seeking Arrangement has evolved from a niche dating site into a popular social networking platform. Some refer to it as a “sugar daddy” site.

It caters to diverse groups, including entrepreneurs, business professionals, and students.

With millions of active users worldwide to date, the platform claims to offer a new perspective on relationships, free from traditional expectations.

The Allure of Financial Benefits

One of the key attractions of Seeking Arrangement is the financial aspect, also known as “sugar dating.”

For some, this is a straightforward way to make more money and find financial support, be it for education, business ventures, or lifestyle upgrades.

The platform offers a space where terms can be negotiated openly, without the stigma often attached to such arrangements in traditional dating contexts.

Popularity Among Users

Seeking Arrangement’s popularity lies in its ability to tailor to specific needs and desires. It has gained significant traction among younger demographics, particularly college students, who often use the platform to find support for their educational expenses.

The platform boasts of providing a space where relationships can be more honest and transparent than traditional dating.

The Appeal of a Different Relationship Dynamic

The platform’s approach to dating is seen by many as a breath of fresh air.

It challenges conventional dating norms and offers a young woman an alternative where the dynamics of power, money, and attraction are openly acknowledged and negotiated.

This upfront approach to relationships is what draws a considerable user base, seeking clarity and honesty in their relationships.

Common Scams: What Men Should Know

seeking arrangement scam - image is of a heart in darkness with menacing images all around

Navigating the world of Seeking Arrangement comes with its set of challenges, notably the prevalence of scams.

This dating app is a breeding ground for deceptive practices targeting unsuspecting men.

This section highlights some other tips and some common scams to be aware of.

Catfishing: A Deceptive Lure

One of the most common scams on Seeking Arrangement is catfishing. Scammers create fake profiles with beautiful women to lure men.

These profiles often feature fabricated stories to gain sympathy and manipulate emotions.

The ultimate goal? To extract money or personal information.

Men need to be wary of profiles that seem too good to be true or ask for financial help too early in the conversation.

Phishing Attempts: Stealing Personal Information

Phishing is another significant threat.

Scammers may send links that lead to fake websites designed to steal login credentials and personal information.

Avoid clicking on suspicious links and ensure you’re on the legitimate Seeking Arrangement site before entering any personal details.

Blackmail and Extortion Scams

Some scammers use intimacy or personal information to blackmail users.

These schemes often involve enticing users into sharing compromising photos or information, which is then used as leverage for extortion.

You must be cautious about sharing personal data or images with someone you’ve met online.

Advance Fee Fraud

Advance fee fraud is a scam where the perpetrator convinces the victim to pay upfront for a service or benefit that never materializes.

On Seeking Arrangement, this could manifest as requests for payment before meeting or promises of future benefits in exchange for immediate financial support.

Preventing Scam Victimization

To avoid falling prey to these scams, users should:

  • Verify profile authenticity.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive personal information.
  • Be skeptical of requests for money, especially if you haven’t met the person.
  • Use the platform’s messaging system instead of shifting to external communication channels initially.

Awareness and caution are key in navigating Seeking Arrangement. By understanding these common scams, users can enjoy the platform’s benefits while minimizing the risks.

The Reality of Extortion on Seeking Arrangement

a young couple holding hands - beware of extortion on seeking arrangement

Extortion on online dating platforms like Seeking Arrangement is a grim reality that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

I’m going to share the mechanisms of extortion and how it can affect unsuspecting individuals seeking connections on the platform.

Understanding Extortion in the Digital Dating World

Extortion in the context of Seeking Arrangement often involves the use of personal information or intimate details obtained through the platform to demand money or favors.

This can take many forms, from direct threats to more subtle forms of manipulation and coercion.

Recognizing the Signs of Potential Extortion

Key signs that you might be a target of extortion include:

  • Requests for intimate photos or videos early in the relationship.
  • Attempts to move conversations to less secure, private channels.
  • Someone expressing an unusual level of interest in your financial status or personal life.
  • Threats or hints of sharing private information if certain demands are not met.

How Extortion Occurs on Seeking Arrangement

Typically, extortion starts with building trust.

Scammers might spend weeks or even months establishing a seemingly genuine connection.

Once they have enough sensitive information, they use it as leverage to extort money or other favors, threatening to expose or harm the victim in some way if their demands are not met.

Mitigating the Risk of Extortion

To protect yourself from potential extortion on Seeking Arrangement, it’s crucial to:

  • Be cautious about sharing personal or sensitive information.
  • Avoid sending compromising images or videos.
  • Be wary of overly invasive questions about your life.
  • Use the platform’s reporting features to report suspicious behavior.

Awareness and caution are essential in navigating platforms like Seeking Arrangement.

Understanding the reality of extortion and recognizing the signs can help you enjoy the benefits of the platform while minimizing the risks.

Actual Stories

In the video below, we discuss a few horror stories from real men who have been swindled.

Video Summary

In the video conversation, we discuss the risks associated with using (now, particularly focusing on scams and extortion tactics targeting male users, often of high net worth.

Here are the specific extortion and scam examples real men have shared with us:

  1. Personal Information Exposure: Users giving out their real phone numbers or personal information during interactions, which leads to potential threats. We advise using services like Google Voice or Sideline for communication.
  2. Privacy Concerns During Meetups: Caution is advised against sharing too much personal information during meetups, like full names or financial details. For instance, paying attention to details like not leaving receipts with personal information on the table.
  3. Online Data Tracking: Scammers use men’s full names or phone numbers obtained through the site to find their home addresses, employers, and other personal information online, setting the stage for extortion.
  4. Extortion Using Personal Information: Married men or those who want to keep their use of the site private are particularly vulnerable to extortion. Scammers threaten to expose them to their wives or employers.
  5. Recommendations for Personal Information Security: Suggestions include scrubbing personal information from online sources and ensuring only non-identifying, positive information is available publicly.
  6. Real-life Meeting Extortion: An instance where a user met someone in real life through the site, only to be extorted later using the threat of exposing the relationship to the user’s spouse.
  7. Handling Extortion Attempts: The advice is to ignore the extortionists, especially if they haven’t met in person, as they likely target multiple people and will move on if ignored. However, situations where the user has met the scammer in person and significant personal information is known by the scammer are more complex.
  8. Preventive Measures: The final recommendation is to proactively manage and limit personal information available online to prevent such situations.

The discussion highlights the importance of privacy and caution when using platforms like, emphasizing the risks of sharing personal information and the potential for being targeted by scammers or extortionists.

Protecting Yourself: Tips and Best Practices

protect yourself from extortion on seeking arrangement - image of a lock with dark colors

To best protect yourself from scammers using fake profiles of attractive women on, you need a keen eye for connection.

To stay safe, you’ll need to be vigilant.

Remember that saying when we were kids, “Five minutes of fun can cause a lifetime of problems?”

It’s so true, especially on a dating app like this one.

Read on to learn best practices to protect yourself from potential scams and extortion.

1. Verify Profiles Diligently

  • Exercise due diligence in verifying the authenticity of profiles. Be skeptical of profiles that appear too polished or if their stories seem inconsistent.

2. Guard Your Personal Information

  • Be cautious about sharing personal and sensitive information, such as your home address, financial details, and other confidential data.

3. Be Wary of Financial Requests

  • Approach requests for financial assistance with caution, especially if they come early in a relationship or without a solid foundation of trust.

4. Use Secure Communication Channels

  • Stick to the communication tools provided by Seeking Arrangement, especially in the initial stages of interaction. Be cautious when being asked to switch to less secure platforms.

5. Report Suspicious Behavior

  • Utilize the platform’s reporting features to report any suspicious behavior or profiles. This not only protects you but also contributes to the safety of the community.

6. Avoid Sharing Compromising Material

  • Be extremely careful about sharing compromising photos or videos. Once shared, you lose control over these materials, which could potentially be used for extortion.

7. Trust Your Instincts

  • If something feels off, trust your instincts. It’s better to err on the side of caution.

8. Educate Yourself About Online Scams

  • Stay informed about the latest online scams and tactics used by fraudsters. This knowledge can be your first line of defense.

By following these tips and best practices, users of Seeking Arrangement can better protect themselves against potential scams and extortion attempts, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable online dating experience.

The Bottom Line: Weighing The Risks and Rewards of Using Seeking Arrangement

weighing risks of - image is a trellis with one two hearts, one with money logo on it

Assessing the Benefits allows you to explore relationships that are out of the ordinary.

Its appeal lies in setting clear terms and expectations from the start, offering a form of transparency rarely found in traditional dating.

For some, it’s an opportunity to form connections that align with their specific lifestyle and needs.

Understanding the Risks

However, the risks are undeniable.

Scams and extortion, as outlined above, present real dangers.

You need to navigate these risks carefully, balancing the potential benefits against the possibility of encountering deceitful practices.

A Platform of Possibilities and Pitfalls

Dating sites like this one, offer a world of contrasts.

On one hand, you get unique opportunities for connections that are straightforward. You can create a mutually beneficial relationship.

On the other, it can be a hunting ground for scammers and manipulators.

The key to using the platform effectively lies in being informed, cautious, and aware of the risks involved.

Final Thoughts

While this sugar baby site provides certain advantages, it’s crucial for you as a user to remain vigilant.

By understanding and mitigating the risks of scams and extortion, you can enjoy the benefits without getting burned.

As with any online dating site, the experience largely depends on how well you can identify and avoid potential dangers.


How Does Seeking Arrangement Work?

For a Sugar Daddy: Users create a Seeking profile, log in with an email, create a username, upload photos, and provide information like ethnicity, body type, relationship status, and lifestyle preferences. They also indicate what they are seeking (e.g., monogamy, luxury travel, companionship) and disclose net worth and annual income. They can send likes, real gifts, and money to sugar babies. For Sugar Babies: Similar profile setup process, with emphasis on what they are seeking in the arrangement.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legitimate and Safe?

Seeking Arrangement is a legitimate site with over 40 million members worldwide. However, like any online dating platform, it has its share of fake profiles one can fall victim to. The platform has a dedicated customer support team and a Head of Fraud Investigation to filter out users breaking their Terms of Service.

What Are Common Scams on Seeking Arrangement?

Scammers often seek personally identifying information or bank account information before meeting, which is a huge red flag. Be cautious of too-good-to-be-true scenarios and emergency fund requests.

How Much Does Seeking Arrangement Cost?

There are free and premium membership options. Premium membership varies from $70/month to $90/month depending on the duration. A Diamond Membership, offering additional features, costs $250/month.

What Is the Success Rate of Finding a Match on Seeking Arrangement?

With its large user base, the chances of finding compatible people are good. However, the site can be highly competitive, especially for young women due to the high female-to-male ratio.

What Should I Include in My Profile?

It’s recommended to write a bio that is honest but modest, reflecting your true personality. If you’re funny, be funny. It’s about presenting an authentic self-image.

How Reliable Are the User Profiles?

While the platform works to eliminate fake profiles, users (aka sugar daddies) have reported encountering fake photos and scams. It’s important to exercise caution and report any suspicious activity.

What Are the Guidelines for Reporting Scams?

Users should use accurate report reasons, avoid falsifying reports, not report the same account multiple times, and not report if they themselves are violating the Terms of Service.

How Does Seeking Arrangement Handle User Safety and Privacy?

The platform has strict policies on profile pictures and checks for sexually explicit language. There are options to upload private photos visible only to connections. Members can also edit their profiles in-depth for privacy.

What Should I Be Wary Of?

Be cautious of profiles asking for upfront money before meeting, sharing too much personal information early on, and profiles that seem too good to be true. Always prioritize personal safety and privacy.

Is a background check required to sign up?

A background check is not required, but it is an option for those who want to verify their profile and increase trustworthiness. The site offers a background check service through a third-party provider.

Where do scammers get fake photos?

Scammers typically obtain fake photos from internet searches, social media, stock photo websites, and previous scams. They may also use manipulated images or create realistic images using AI sites such as MidJourney.

What is a typical online dating scam?

A typical scam is between an older man and younger women. Fake or stolen photos of beautiful women are used as bait and after a connection is made the scammer acts interested, which further pulls the man into the trap. It’s almost always about extracting money from men.